midfielder talents in fifa 20

Top 50 Talented Midfielders for FIFA 20

Looking for the best talented midfielders in FIFA 20? This are the top 50 midfielder talents in FIFA 20. The list is based on potential rating.

FIFA 20 Midfielders Talents Top 50

These are the best FIFA 20 Midfielder talents for your career mode.

You are free to sort the table in anyway. You might prefer to sort it on growth to find the most cheap talents.

Update: FIFA 21 talents are online now, have a look at:

Donny van de Beek might be an interesting talent to buy if you are managing a top club. The young player from Ajax was almost bought by Real Madrid last summer.

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How is the talents list composed?

The talents below are the best in FIFA 20. They are not older than 21 years old. Requirement is that they play CDM, CM or CAM.

  • CDM = Centre Defensive Midfielder
  • CM = Centre Midfielder
  • CAM = Centre Attacking Midfielder

The list is composed by the above-mentioned requirements and potential rating. It’s basically sorted on potential rating.

The potential rating is the future overall rating of a FIFA player. With the potential rating you know exactly how good a player will become.

But they can become even better. The potential rating is just a minimum. If you are lucky, your talented midfielders will become better than their potential rating.

Let you FIFA 20 talents play a lot of games and the chances will be higher. Growth will be faster if performance is better.

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