Best Goalkeeper Talents for FIFA 21 (GK)

These are the best goalkeepers talents in FIFA 21. All talents are under 22 years old. The list contains the top 200 best young goalkeepers sorted on potential rating.

Update: FIFA 22 GK talents are added now.

Top 200 Goalkeeper FIFA 21 Talents

This list contains the top 200 goalkeeper talents in FIFA 21. They are sorted on potential rating, which is their minimum future rating in FIFA 21. So you’ll be sure to have a good goalkeeper for a low price.

Search for goalies at smaller clubs, they tend to be cheaper. After they get better you’ll be able to sell them for a lot of money.

Used abbreviations:

  • OVR = Overall Rating
  • POT = Potential Rating
  • GR = Growth

All top 200 FIFA 21 goalkeeper talents are under 22 years old. They play as goalkeeper in FIFA 21, also known as GK. Tap on a player to see more details about their club, height, age or contract. Especially the height of a goalkeeper can be interesting.

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