FIFA 21 Talents for Right Winger: RW

These are the best young Right Wingers in FIFA 21. This talents will be the best Right wingers in FIFA 21 career mode. Use this list to get the best team.

Update: the new FIFA 22 youngsters for RW are online now.

Talents list with Right Wingers for FIFA 21

This talents list contains the top 200 right wingers for FIFA 21. At least these are the best in the future of FIFA 21 career mode. All talents are under 22 years old. They are sorted on potential rating.

  • RW = Right Winger
  • OVR = Overall Rating
  • POT = Potential Rating

More talents for your career mode

Get more talents with potnetial rating. For every position on the pitch we compiled a list with future superstars. These young players all come with potential rating. This will make you the best manager ever in the career mode of FIFA 21. Make sure to check the lists now.


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