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FIFA 21 Talents: Highest Potential

These are the FIFA 21 Talents with highest potential rating. Get them and you’ll have the future superstars in your FIFA career mode.

Update: have a look at the highest potential talents for FIFA 22.

First FIFA 21 Talents

These are the first FIFA 21 talents yet revealed. This is a top 20 list of the highest potential wonderkids in FIFA 21. Lately we also published the top 100 FIFA 21 ratings. But the list below is based on potential rating.

The potential rating is the future rating of a player in the FIFA 21 career mode. When a young player gets older, he will slowly grow. Some players will become superstars. These future superstars can be found in the list below.

This is one of the best list for your FIFA 21 career mode. The potential rating is normally not shown in the game itself. Therefore this list can be very useful to get the most out of your career.

Highest Potential FIFA 21 Talents list

This list contains the best FIFA 21 talents. They are sorted on potential rating. That means these are the best players in the future of your FIFA 21 career mode.

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