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Best young CB for FIFA 23 career mode (Top 150) with potential rating

Top 150 best young CB for FIFA 23 career mode. Find all FIFA 23 centre back talents in the list below, all with potential rating.

We’ve updated to the new young CB’s of FC 24 career mode. Check them out.

Complete list with best young CB’s for FIFA 23 career mode

This is the complete list with the top 150 best young CB for FIFA 23 career mode. They are all younger than 22 years and play CB (centre back).

CB talents (top 150):

  • Position: CB (Centre Back)
  • Under 22 years old
  • Sorted on potential rating

FIFA 23 Centre Back Talents

wdt_IDNamePOSOVRPOTGRFull nameAgeOther positionsClubNationalityValue (€)Wage (€)Release Clause (€)Contract untilOn LoanPreferred FootHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Weak FootSkill MovesPace (total)Shooting (total)Passing (total)Dribbling (total)Defending (total)Physicality (total)
1J. GvardiolCB81898Joško Gvardiol20CB,LBRB LeipzigCroatia53.000.00041.000100.700.0002.027Not on loanLeft1858043825469748083
2J. TimberCB80888Jurriën Timber21CB,RBAjaxNetherlands44.500.00014.00071.200.0002.025Not on loanRight1797733824767778181
3Gonçalo InácioCB79889Gonçalo Bernardo Inácio20CBSporting CPPortugal36.000.00011.00079.200.0002.026Not on loanLeft1857822803661618077
4W. SalibaCB80877William Saliba21CBArsenalFrance40.000.00058.00084.000.0002.024Not on loanRight1928532783967718079
5W. FofanaCB79867Wesley Fofana21CBChelseaFrance33.000.00067.00067.700.0002.028Not on loanRight1907632753755648176
6M. GuéhiCB78868Marc Guéhi21CBCrystal PalaceEngland29.500.00036.00062.000.0002.026Not on loanRight1828242733958687975
7C. LukebaCB768610Castello Lukeba19CBOlympique LyonnaisFrance15.000.00025.00031.500.0002.025Not on loanLeft1847322734367707774
8G. ScalviniCB708616Giorgio Scalvini18CBAtalantaItaly3.800.0006.0008.800.0002.023Not on loanRight1947532552944527267
9António SilvaCB668620António João Tavares Silva18CBSL BenficaPortugal2.200.0001.0006.600.0002.027Not on loanRight1878022763149566570
10P. HincapiéCB78857Piero Hincapié20LB,CBBayer 04 LeverkusenEcuador26.500.00033.00050.400.0002.026Not on loanLeft1847623833964717874
11B. BadiashileCB77858Benoît Badiashile21CBAS MonacoFrance22.000.00031.00046.200.0002.024Not on loanLeft1947532614767607876
12L. GeertruidaCB77858Lutsharel Geertruida21RB,CBFeyenoordNetherlands22.500.0008.00038.300.0002.024Not on loanRight1857332805268737677
13T. NianzouCB738512Tanguy Nianzou20CBSevilla FCFrance7.000.00013.00016.100.0002.027Not on loanRight1918532623756647376
14O. KossounouCB75849Odilon Kossounou21CB,RBBayer 04 LeverkusenCôte d'Ivoire12.000.00027.00022.800.0002.026Not on loanRight1918132743260667578
15MoratoCB748410Felipe Rodrigues da Silva21CBSL BenficaBrazil9.000.0008.00019.800.0002.027Not on loanLeft1928922673551617380
16A. RouaultCB728412Anthony Rouault21CBToulouse Football ClubFrance5.500.0009.00012.100.0002.024Not on loanRight1867732623060557271
17L. ColwillCB708414Levi Colwill19CBBrighton & Hove AlbionEngland3.500.00022.00002.023On loanLeft1878032693458626973
18M. van de VenCB698415Micky van de Ven21CB,LBVfL WolfsburgNetherlands3.200.00012.0007.400.0002.025Not on loanLeft1938933804356606874
19J. BranthwaiteCB688416Jarrad Branthwaite20CBPSVEngland3.000.00010.00002.023On loanLeft1957452683145526869
20E. MartelCB678417Eric Martel20CDM,CB1. FC KölnGermany2.500.0006.0006.100.0002.026Not on loanRight1888132664658596773
21A. FontanarosaCB678417Alessandro Fontanarosa19CB,LBInterItaly2.500.0008.0005.700.0002.025Not on loanLeft1857132755861646763
22L. StergiouCB678417Leonidas Stergiou20CBFC St. Gallen 1879Switzerland2.500.0003.0005.200.0002.024Not on loanRight1807532653246496972
23N. MbambaCB648420Noah Mbamba17CB,CDMClub Brugge KVBelgium1.500.0005003.600.0002.023Not on loanRight1887532723251636171
24I. ZabarnyiCB738310Illia Zabarnyi19CBDynamo KyivUkraine6.000.00050014.400.0002.025Not on loanRight1868122663656587473
25A. Bella KotchapCB738310Armel Bella Kotchap20CBSouthamptonGermany6.000.00026.00012.600.0002.026Not on loanRight1908752822550517476

Cheap young CB talents for smaller clubs

Do you play career mode with a smaller club? Then you probably have a small budget as well. That’s why we’ve scouted the cheapest best young CB talents for you. Buy them cheap, train them and let them grow.

1. Cheap but great potential: Noah Mbamba

This 17-year-old kid plays for Club Brugge (Belgium) and is worth only 1.5 million euro’s. Which means you can buy him pretty cheap. His potential rating is 84, so this is a very talented defender for every club. But keep in mind that his starting overall rating is only 64.

2. Talent below one million: Fabio Chiarodia

Looking for a talent worth less than a million? Then go for Fabio Chiarodia. He’s the first talent in the list with a value below one million. This 17-year-old-wonderkid plays for SV Werder Bremen. With an starting overall rating of 60 he needs some training. However his potential rating of 83 makes him worth every euro you spend on him.

3. Ultimate bargain for FIFA 23 centre back talents

This is what we call the ultimate bargain: Yoni Gomis. This might be the best young CB in FIFA 23 career mode who is not so well known. With a value of just 350.000 euro you should be able to buy him really cheap.

He plays for Le Havre in France, so you don’t need to be a big club to buy him. Despite his overall rating of 53 he can become a decend player. Because his potential rating is 79. Good enough for the small clubs in FIFA 23.

More wonderkids to watch

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