fifa 23 centre midfielder talents

FIFA 23 Centre Midfielder talents with potential

Have a look at the best FIFA 23 centre midfielder talents with potential rating. This list shows you the top 150 wonderkids for CM-position in your career mode.

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Talents list: centre midfielders in FIFA 23

The list below contains the top 150 centre midfielder talents in FIFA 23. They are not older than 21 years and all come with potential rating. Last but not least; their position is CM (centre midfielders). Search for them in the transfer hub of your career mode to buy them.

Our recommendations for centre midfielders talents in FIFA 23

There are a lot of great talents out there. Especially in the FIFA 23 career mode. But we’ve compiled a list with recommendations for the best FIFA 23 centre midfielder talents. So are you on a small budget? Have a look at our recommendations.

1. On an average budget: Gianluco Busion

Gianluco Busion is a talent from the United States, worth 7.5 million euro’s. He’s the first sort of cheap talent in the total list of talents. To be fair you still need quite some money to buy him from Venezia FC (Serie A, Italy). But with a potential rating of 86 you’ll buy a superstar. His starting overall rating is 73.

2. Pretty cheap: Charlie Patino

This wonderkid is definitely worth his value of 1.9 million euro’s. Charlie Patino is a youngster from England, who plays for Blackpool FC in the Championship. The fact he plays at a 2nd tier league club makes him cheaper. But with a potential rating of 85, he is a no-brainer when you see his value. But the low price has it’s drawback: his starting overall rating is only 64.

3. Hidden gem from South America: Vicente Pizarro

South America has probably the most talented players in the world. That’s why we love to share Vicente Pizarro with you. This 19 year old talent plays for Colo-Colo, a club who brought a lot of wonderkids to the big football world. Contribute to their success by buying Vicenta Pizarro, worth only 1.4 million. It must be easy to buy him since he’s not that famous and he plays for a smaller club. Good luck.

4. Below one million: Adam Wharton

The first FIFA 23 centre midfielder talent who is worth less than a million. His name is Adam Wharton. All in all he must be the best buy in the list when you manage a smaller club. His value is only 700.000 euro’s. With an overall rating of 59 he still needs some training. But he can improve to a potential rating of 80.

More to get for your career mode

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