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Best FIFA 19 talent Strikers

These are best FIFA 19 talent strikers. You should get these talents to get the most out of your FIFA 19 career.

FIFA 19 talented Strikers Top 50

The talent list below contains the top 50 talented strikers of FIFA 19. The young wonderkids are not older than 21 years old. They all play as a a striker.

You can buy young talents relatively cheap. Let them grow for several seasons in your team. And eventually sell them for much more money. Or let them be the topscorers to lead you team to success.

The FIFA 19 talents list with strikers is sorted on potential rating. This is the overall rating which the strikers will reach at least during their career in FIFA 19. Let them play well, than they can even get much better than their potential rating.

Update: check out the new FIFA 20 Striker Talents

Other FIFA talents

Below you find more FIFA talents.