fifa 20 goalkeeper talents

Best Goalkeeper talents for FIFA 20

Searching for the best Goalkeeper talents in FIFA 20? Check out the list with best goalkeepers sorted on potential rating.

Update: FIFA 21 Goalkeeper talents are published now.

Potential rating for goalkeepers

The potential rating tells you how good a goalkeeper will become. This is the future overall rating of a talent in FIFA 20.

Talents will become at least as good as their potential rating. This means they can actually become even better than that.

Give your young goalkeeper a lot of minutes to play. This will make him grow faster. If his performance is good, than it most probably will become better than the mentioned potential rating.

FIFA 20 Goalkeeper talents

The list below provides you of the best FIFA 20 Goalkeeper talents. All talents are below 22 years old.

The talent list is sorted on potential rating, but you can sort it in any way you want. It might be interesting to sort it on growth for example.

Growth is the difference between the current overall rating and the potential rating.

The best goalkeeper in FIFA 20 is of course Gianluigi Donnarumma (Wikipedia).

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FIFA talents will either become your super stars or you can sell them with a lot of profit. We would say that all FIFA talents are a good buy.

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