Best young EA FC 24 players with real face

Best young EA FC 24 players with real face

These are the best young EA FC 24 players with real faces. Get these top wonderkids with a real face for your career mode.

Best young EA FC 24 players with real face

The list below contains the best young EA FC 24 players with real face for your career mode. They are sorted on potential rating and 21 years or younger.

In EA FC 24 there are just 138 players under 22 years with a real face. The list below contains them all. Because it’s sorted on potential rating you’ll be sure you buy the best ones.

Requirements for the list:

  • Real face: yes
  • Age: 21 or younger
  • Sorted on potential rating (you can change this)
#NameFull namePOSOVRPOTValueAgeClubNationalityWageContract untilRelease clauseLoaned fromPreffered footWeak footSkill movesReal faceHeight (cm)Weight (cm)PaceShootingPassingDribblingDefendingPhysic
1J. MusialaJamal MusialaCAM, CM, LM8693134.500.00020FC Bayern MünchenGermany79.0002.026248.800.000-Right45Yes18472857576916361
2PedriPedro González LópezCM8692105.000.00020FC BarcelonaSpain165.0002.026236.300.000-Right44Yes17460786982887074
3J. BellinghamJude Victor William BellinghamCM, CAM8691100.500.00020Real MadridEngland175.0002.029213.600.000-Right44Yes18675767880857882
4F. WirtzFlorian Richard WirtzCAM, CM859183.500.00020Bayer 04 LeverkusenGermany65.0002.027158.700.000-Right44Yes17771747683875263
5B. SakaBukayo SakaRW, RM869099.000.00021ArsenalEngland150.0002.027195.500.000-Left33Yes17865858179876070
6GaviPablo Martín Páez GaviraCM, LW839068.500.00018FC BarcelonaSpain60.0002.026154.100.000-Right33Yes17370766678856870
7X. SimonsXavi Quentin Shay SimonsCAM, LW, RW798938.500.00020RB LeipzigNetherlands58.0002.0240Paris Saint GermainRight34Yes17961877376836174
8E. CamavingaEduardo Celmi CamavingaCDM, CM, LB828956.500.00020Real MadridFrance110.0002.027127.100.000-Left34Yes18268796680827680
9Gabri VeigaGabriel Veiga NovasCM, CAM788931.500.00021Al Ahli JeddahSpain28.0002.02659.900.000-Right43Yes18471717772786062
10J. GvardiolJoško GvardiolCB, LB828844.500.00021Manchester CityCroatia95.0002.02891.200.000-Left43Yes18580785469748283
11Ansu FatiAnssumane FatiLW, ST788831.000.00020Brighton & Hove AlbionSpain95.0002.0240FC BarcelonaRight44Yes17866897672813053
12Alejandro GarnachoAlejandro Garnacho FerreyraLW, LM758813.500.00019Manchester UnitedArgentina54.0002.02834.100.000-Right43Yes18072846965773358
13F. MirettiFabio MirettiCM, CAM758813.500.00019JuventusItaly42.0002.02731.400.000-Right43Yes17972776075786672
14Y. MoukokoYoussoufa MoukokoST778722.500.00018Borussia DortmundGermany18.0002.02642.800.000-Left44Yes17572807559803465
15R. GravenberchRyan Jiro GravenberchCM798739.500.00021LiverpoolNetherlands76.0002.02881.000.000-Right44Yes19077727678836872
16K. AdeyemiKarim-David AdeyemiLM, RM, ST808743.000.00021Borussia DortmundGermany38.0002.02781.700.000-Left44Yes18077967771813468
17Nuno MendesNuno Alexandre Tavares MendesLB, LWB828743.500.00021Paris Saint GermainPortugal63.0002.02683.700.000-Left43Yes17670895875807776
18Yeremy PinoYeremy Jesús Pino SantosLM, RM, ST798738.500.00020VillarrealSpain27.0002.02788.600.000-Right43Yes17260767376793846
19Arnau MartínezArnau Martínez LópezRB, RWB808739.500.00020GironaSpain22.0002.02590.900.000-Right32Yes18175795072767670
20P. HincapiéPiero Martín Hincapié ReynaCB798633.000.00021Bayer 04 LeverkusenEcuador36.0002.02762.700.000-Left23Yes18476824064727977
21E. FergusonEvan FergusonST748610.000.00018Brighton & Hove AlbionRepublic of Ireland26.0002.02821.000.000-Right33Yes18875727461702170
22R. LaviaRoméo LaviaCDM73867.000.00019ChelseaBelgium32.0002.03017.700.000-Right33Yes18175704266757274
23G. ReynaGiovanni Alejandro ReynaRM, CAM, LM788528.000.00020Borussia DortmundUnited States33.0002.02553.200.000-Right24Yes18579777374823770
24M. GreenwoodMason GreenwoodRM, ST758512.500.00021GetafeEngland61.0002.0240Manchester UnitedLeft54Yes18170827870773960
25H. ElliottHarvey ElliottCAM, CM, RW778523.000.00020LiverpoolEngland65.0002.02747.200.000-Left44Yes16867756475814652
26N. MaduekeChukwunonso Tristan MaduekeRW, RM778523.500.00021ChelseaEngland72.0002.03049.400.000-Left44Yes18273907168823562
27M. CaicedoMoisés Isaac Caicedo CorozoCDM, CM808529.500.00021ChelseaEcuador71.0002.03158.300.000-Right33Yes17871746372777774
28Nico WilliamsNicholas Williams ArthuerRM, LM798527.500.00020Athletic ClubSpain23.0002.02463.300.000-Right54Yes18167937372833360
29M. GustoMalo GustoRB768515.500.00020ChelseaFrance53.0002.03032.600.000-Right33Yes17970884968756873
30C. LukebaJunior Castello LukebaCB778521.500.00020RB LeipzigFrance31.0002.02840.900.000-Left22Yes18473784367717876
31FresnedaIván Fresneda CorralizaRB72855.000.00018Sporting CPSpain2.0002.02813.100.000-Right33Yes18374764160746869
32LázaroLázaro Vinicius MarquesLM, RM, ST758512.500.00021AlmeríaBrazil18.0002.02828.800.000-Right34Yes18175797169754361
33BarrenetxeaAnder Barrenetxea MuguruzaLW, RW, LM758412.500.00021Real SociedadSpain23.0002.02728.800.000-Right43Yes17574787165802446
34J. BranthwaiteJarrad BranthwaiteCB72845.500.00021EvertonEngland18.0002.02511.600.000-Left52Yes19574703448557271
35M. OliseMichael OliseRW788422.500.00021Crystal PalaceFrance35.0002.02747.300.000-Left24Yes18973807077835056
36A. VelascoAlan Agustín VelascoLM, LW, CAM758412.500.00020DallasArgentina7.0002.02521.300.000-Right44Yes16763836871805261
37C. ChukwuemekaCarney Chibueze ChukwuemekaCM, CAM, LW65841.800.00019ChelseaEngland12.0002.0284.500.000-Right44Yes18770645964715058
38A. VarelaAlan Gonzalo VarelaCDM, CM768416.000.00021PortoArgentina9.0002.02835.200.000-Right33Yes17773675972717275
39E. ZeballosOscar Exequiel ZeballosRM, RW, LW73847.000.00021Boca JuniorsArgentina12.0002.02611.200.000-Right34Yes17068856366783149
40C. MedinaCristian Nicolás MedinaCM758412.500.00021Boca JuniorsArgentina14.0002.02720.000.000-Right33Yes17870756472796968
41Miguel GutiérrezMiguel Gutiérrez OrtegaLB, LWB74849.000.00021GironaSpain15.0002.02720.700.000-Left32Yes18073775370746965
42A. DevineAlfie DevineCAM, CM64841.600.00018Port ValeEngland5.0002.0240Tottenham HotspurRight33Yes18075645963635255
43G. BazunuGavin Okeroghene BazunuGK71834.000.00021SouthamptonRepublic of Ireland13.0002.0278.400.000-Right21Yes18978
44B. BrobbeyBrian Ebenezer Adjei BrobbeyST768315.500.00021AjaxNetherlands13.0002.02724.800.000-Right43Yes18078827356713080
45João PedroJoão Pedro Junqueira de JesusST, CAM73837.000.00021Brighton & Hove AlbionBrazil44.0002.02814.700.000-Right43Yes18270777062762560
46T. NianzouTanguy-Austin Nianzou KouassiCB73836.500.00021SevillaFrance13.0002.02715.000.000-Right32Yes19183603755637275
47Y. MusahYunus Dimoara MusahCM, RM74839.000.00020MilanUnited States34.0002.02817.100.000-Right34Yes17875846871766972
48Nico GonzálezNicolás González IglesiasCDM, CM768314.500.00021PortoSpain9.0002.02831.900.000-Right33Yes18885666274757179
49A. BrojaArmando BrojaST758312.500.00021ChelseaAlbania64.0002.02826.300.000-Right33Yes19175747454753076
50M. ChoMohamed-Ali ChoST, RM72835.000.00019Real SociedadFrance14.0002.02711.500.000-Left33Yes18166806964762656
NameFull namePOSOVRPOTValueAgeClubNationalityWageContract untilRelease clauseLoaned fromPreffered footWeak footSkill movesReal faceHeight (cm)Weight (cm)PaceShootingPassingDribblingDefendingPhysic

What is a player with a real face?

The game developer of EA FC 24 is named EA Sports. Each year they have a lot of work on creating a new version of the football game. They need to make the game better each year, but also they need to update all players in the game each year.

Example of a real face in EA FC 24
Example of a real face in EA FC 24, this is Ivan Fresneda.

It’s a lot of work to update all players in the game. Because a lot of players retire, transfer or are new to the football world. For example a lot of young football players enter the game each year. Once they are 17 years old they can be added to the game. Most of the time only when they have a place in the first squad of the club.

Real faces in EA FC 24

Since it’s so much work to keep the player rosters up to date, it seems almost impossible to have real face for every player. This year there are 18.350 players in EA FC 24.

Chukwuemeka is a young player with a real face in ea fc 24
Chukwuemeka is a young player with a real face in EA FC 24.

Most of them look a bit similar to how they look in real life, but not in detail. But some have a very realistic face, that’s what they call ‘real face’. EA Sports uses special photo equipment to make loads of pictures of these players in a second. this happens in a special photo studio tool that can be moved to different studios around the world.

How many players have a real face in EA FC 24?

When EA Sports puts all these photos together they can make a 3D-render of the player. This is a digital model of the players face. That’s how they can create very realistic faces. In total 2.245 players have a real face in EA FC 24. In the list above you’ll find all young FC 24 players with a real face.

Another point of view: Ivan Fresneda with a real face in EA FC 24.

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More good young players for your career mode

There are loads of other good young players. But they don’t have a real face. Anyway, it might be interesting for your FC 24 career mode. Check them out below.