fifa 23 lw talents

FIFA 23 LW Talents for career mode

These are the best FIFA 23 LW talents for your career mode. All wonderkids come with potential rating and value. This way you know exactly who to buy.

FC 24 is released! So we’ve got the newest and best FC 24 LW young players for you. Check them out.

Used abbreviations:

The following abbreviations are used in the FIFA 23 talents list on this page.

  • OVR = Overall rating
  • POT = Potential rating
  • GR = Growth
  • EUR = their value in Euro’s (M=million)

Top 15 FIFA 23 LW talents

In this list you’ll find the best fifteen FIFA 23 LW talents. Based on potential rating. This is the rating they will achieve during the FIFA 23 career mode. You can use them as a left winger. They are not older than 21 years old.

This talents list:

  • Top 15
  • Position: Left winger (LW)
  • Age: under 22 years old

Scroll down for all other LW talents (outside of the top 15).

All other left winger talents

Surprisingly there are not too many left wingers under 22 in FIFA 23. So on this page you actually see all the left wingers from 21 y/o and younger.

In total these are only 29 players. If this is not enough for you, then we recommend you to head over to the left midfielder section. The left midfielders are often suitable for use at the LW-postion as well.

Best talent if you are on a tight budget in career mode

If you are on a tight budget at a smaller club, then we recommend you Djeidi Gassama. This young talent comes from Mauritania but plays for KAS Eupen in Belgium. His value is only 0,8 million Euro, so we think you might get him for a little bit more than one million Euro.

He starts with an overall rating of 61, so he might not be the best player directly. But train him enouhgh and soon you’ll have player of at least 78. But we actually think he will reach an rating of 80+. Good enough for the smaller clubs.

More youngsters for other positions

We can imagine that you would like to have more talents. Well then we’ve got good news for you: we’ve got more talents! In the categories below you’ll find youngsters for different positions. all with potential rating to use in your FIFA 23 career mode. So make sure to check them out en build an outstanding team.

Special categories: