fifa 23 talents with highest potential

Highest potential FIFA 23 talents for your career mode

These are the best FIFA 23 talents with highest potential rating. Use the talents list below for your FIFA 23 career mode. This way you’ll create the best team.

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What is highest potential rating in FIFA 23?

The potential rating is the maximum overall rating a player will achieve during the career mode. During the career mode a young player will get better. His overall rating will grow to a higher overall rating. The potential rating is the overall rating that a player will achieve at least. With a lot of training the players can get even higher overall ratings.

Talents list with highest potential rating

The talents list on this page contains the best FIFA 23 talents with highest potential. That means these talents have the highest potential rating of all players in FIFA 23.

The talents are 21 years old or below that. This way we filter out players which are already superstars. For example Cristiano Ronaldo has a great overall rating, but he will not grow anymore, so his potential rating is equal to his current overall rating.

Since this list is made to find the best talents, we decided to set the maximum age at 21 years old.

FIFA 23 Talents with highest potential in one list

This list contains all FIFA 23 talents with highest potential. The maximum age is 21 years, so these are only the best youngsters. Search for their names in your career mode to create the best team.

How to use the youngsters list in your career mode?

Search the names of the youngsters in your FIFA career mode transfer menu. Try to find them and buy them. If you let your scout make a scouting report first, then it will be easier to estimate what bid you should make.

During the career mode the value of a young talent will increase. It could be that their value will be higher then stated in the list above. That’s why it’s good to make a scouting report before you buy a youngster.

More talents

The list below contains players from all positions. But we also created lists with talents for specific positions. Want a youngster for centre attacking midfield? Check the list with CAM talents. Check every position to create an amazing team.

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