Brazil FIFA 16 talents

Brazil FIFA 16 Talents

A list with a lot of great Brazil FIFA 16 Talents. You need this in your FIFA 16 career mode. Brazil has some of the best FIFA 16 talents in the world. All talents come with potential and growth ratings.

Preview of Brazil FIFA 16 Talents

The list below is a preview of the complete Brazil FIFA 16 talents list. The talents below are numbers 21 up to 25. The 20 better talents will become even better. The complete list contains much more Brazilian talents. Go to the download link below to get if for free.

21LuanAtletico MineiroBRA24RW7884+6
24Gabriel JesusPalmeirasBRA18ST7084+14
25Leo BaptistaoVillarealBRA23ST7883+5

For Free: FIFA 16 Talents – Brazil & The Netherlands

Download the best Brazil FIFA 16 talents together with the talents from The Netherlands. It’s a completely free file and very useful for your career mode. Click on the image below to start the download.

Preview FIFA 16 Brazil & The Netherlands talents

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Gabriel Jesus is a great FIFA 16 striker

We would like to draw your attetion for Gabriel Jesus. He’s a great FIFA 16 talent. This striker will grow at least 14 points on overall rating. Gabriel Jesus starts at a rating of only 70. At that time you are able to buy him for quite a low price. Later in the FIFA 16 career, he will be at least 84. You will be able to sell him for a great price then. Although you can also keep him to score a lot of goals with this stiker.

Update: in the meanwhile Gabriel Jesus starts at a rating of 72 and his potential is 85.

Brazil FIFA 16 Talents for your career mode

Brazil has always been one of the best football countries in the world. It’s the country of samba football and great talents. There are a lot of unknown Brazilian talents who play in Brazil and Europe. Seven Brazilian talents in our list still play in the Brazilian competition. That will make it easy to buy them, since most of them would like to play for a top club in Europe.

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