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FIFA 21 Talents: Strikers (ST)

Best FIFA 21 Talented Strikers in one list. All these FIFA 21 talents will become the best in FIFA 21 Career mode. Get them to upgrade your team in a cheap way.

Update: get striker talents for FIFA 22 (ST).

FIFA 21 Strikers Talents list

This list contains the best FIFA 21 striker talents. They are sorted on potential rating. Which means they are the best strikers in the future of your FIFA career mode.

Their maximum age is 21 years old. So they are still young wonderkids. At least one of their three most favourite positions is striker (ST). Tap on a player to see more details.


  • OVR = Overall Rating
  • POT = Potential Rating
  • GR = Growth (difference between overall and potential rating)

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