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Goalkeeper talents for FIFA 16

A good goalkeeper prevents you from losing games. That’s why goalkeeper talents for FIFA 16 are very important to sign. A talented goalkeeper could quickly become worth a lot of money. In this FIFA 16 goalkeeper talents list you will find those great young goalies.

Goalkeeper talents for FIFA 16

Mattia Perin is the best goalkeeper talent in the most recent version of FIFA. This young goalkeeper has already a rating of 81 at the start of your career. But later on he will grow to a rating of at least 88. You can pick up this goalie at Genoa, Italy.

Unknown goalkeeper with high potential

We would really like to recommend goalkeeper Dragowski. He plays for Jagiellonia Bialystok in Poland, where you can sign him quite cheaply. This talented keeper is just 18 years old and starts at a low rating of 71. He will quickly grow to a super goalkeeper with a rating of at least 86. That means he will grow +15.

Goalkeeper talents in FIFA 16

All goalkeeper talents for FIFA 16 are stated below in one list. Especially pay attention to potential rating and growth values to get the best talents.

1Mattia PerinGenoa22GK8188+7
2Marc-Andre ter StegenBarcelona23GK8288+6
3Jack ButlandStoke City22GK7787+10
4Timo HornKoln22GK7987+8
5Bartlomiej DragowskiBialystok18GK7186+15
6Kepa ArrizabalagaValladolid21GK7486+12
7Geronimo RulliSociedad23GK7986+7
8Jan OblakAtletico22GK8186+5
9Anthony LopesO. Lyon25GK8186+5
11Alphonse AreolaVillareal22GK7685+9
12Raul GudinoPorto19GK6884+16
13Sergio RicoSevilla22GK7584+9
14Jose SaMaritimo22GK7584+9
15Loris KariusMainz22GK7884+6
16Bruno VarelaValladolid20GK6983+14
17Joel DrommelFC Twente18GK6683+17
18Andre MoreiraMadeira19GK7083+13
19Simone ScuffetComo19GK7283+11
20Paul NardiMonaco21GK7283+11
21Mathew RyanValencia23GK7883+5
22Jeroen ZoetPSV24GK7883+5
23Alex RemiroBilbao20GK6882+14
24Timon WellenreutherMallorca19GK6782+15
25Yvon MvogoYoung Boys21GK7282+10

Enjoy the GK talents for FIFA 16!

Other FIFA 16 Talents

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