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Best young GK in FIFA 23 – Top 50 young Goalkeepers in career mode

Get the best young GK in FIFA 23 career mode. Check the list with best young goalkeepers for your career mode. The perfect way to become the best manager.

We’ve published the new FC 24 GK talents, check them out.

Wonderkids list with FIFA 23 GK Talents

This list contains the best young GK in FIFA 23 including potential rating. All talents are under 22 years old. Obviously their position is: GK.

The talents list:

Check the list below, all talents are found by the following criteria:

  • Age: under 22 years
  • Position: goalkeeper (GK)
  • Top 50 based on potential rating
  • Sorted on potential rating

Cheap best young goalkeeper talents in FIFA 23

Are you looking for cheap best young goalkeepers in FIFA 23? You might find the following players useful if you play with a smaller club.

First goalie under one million: Restes

The first best young goalkeeper we recommend is actually the 5th best on the list. But he is de first talent under one million euro. Which means he is pretty cheap. His name is Guillaume Restes, who plays for Toulouse in France.

With a value of only 0.7 million and a release clause of 2.1 million you can’t leave him out. You might be able to buy him for around 1.5 million. An then his wage; it’s only 500(!). But don’t forget is overall rating is only 60, but his potential is 83.

Free agent goalkeeper talent: Ibrahim Danlad

When you start your FIFA 23 career mode; directly look for Ibrahim Danlad. If you are lucky he is still available as a free agent.

This goalkeeper talent from Ghana start with an acceptable overall rating of 68. He grows to a potential rating of 79.

Low release clause: Kjell Peersman

This 21-year-old goalie from PSV has a pretty low release clause. For only 1.7 million you are the proud owner of Kjell Peersman. With a value of 700.000 euro you might get him cheaper though.

Anyway, he’s worth all your money since he can grow to a potential rating of 81. Seeing his overall rating of 60 he first needs to be trained for a few seasons.

More FIFA 23 talents

You’re not done when you found your favourite goalkeeper. You need more. That’s where the lists below come in. Pick any categorie or position below to find the best FIFA 23 talents for the specific position. That way you easily become the best manager in the history of your FIFA 23 club.

Other talents by position: