FIFA 21 Talents: CDM, Centre Defending Midfielders

Get the best FIFA 21 Talents for CDM, Centre Defending Midfield. This is the top 200 of CDM FIFA 21 talents. Check the list below.

Update: FIFA 22 CDM Talents are online now.

Top 200: FIFA 21 Talents for CDM

This list contains the top 200 FIFA 21 talents for CDM position. This is the centre defending midfield position. One of the most important places on the pitch. Get the best CDM players from the next generation. Just have a look at the their potential rating. That’s the future rating of a player in the career mode.

Young players at smaller clubs are often cheaper to buy. At least their salary is not as high as the salary from young players at big clubs. Talents at for example Manchester City have quite a high salary in compare to a talent from FC Emmen in The Netherlands.

Quick guide:

  • OVR = Overall Rating
  • POT = Potential Rating
  • GR = Growth Rating (difference between overall and potential)

All talents are maximum 21 years old. One of the their favourite positions is CDM.

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