fifa 22 highest growth talents

Highest growth FIFA 22 Talents – Top 500

These are the highest growth talents in FIFA 22. This list contains the top 500 FIFA wonderkids based on the growth.

Update: Find the updated list for FIFA 23 Highest growth here.

Top 500: Highest growth FIFA 22 Wonderkids

Do you want to make the most out of your career mode? Than have a look at the top 500 wonderkids in FIFA 22. This is the top 500 based on their growth rating.

You can make the most money with the talents that grow the most. This way you’ll give your FIFA 22 career mode a boost. All talents are younger dan 22 years old. They are sorted on growth rating.

All FIFA Talents

We put all FIFA talents in different talent lists. They are sorted by positions. This way you can create a dream team with youngsters on every single position. Make sure to check all different categories.

Talents sorted by position:

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