cheap soccer jersey from china

Cheap soccer jerseys from China

Easily order your soccer jerseys from China. The jerseys look exactly like original ones and are made from high quality materials. How to find and buy cheap soccer jerseys from China.

Borussia Dortmund soccer jersey from China

We ordered a Borussia Dortmund soccer jersey for €21 from China. The price is included custom name on the back, shipping costs and Borussia Dortmund shorts. All brand and sponsor logo’s are on the jersey.

borussia dortmund jersey aliexpress borussia dortmund replica jersey

The pictures above show the Borussia Dortmund jersey we ordered. The jersey exceeded our expectations by far. It was delivered within 3 weeks and the quality was great. Order it here.

Soccer jerseys from China

It ain’t always easy to find cheap soccer jerseys from China. That is why we’ve made an overview from popular soccer jerseys below. Choose which jersey you would like to order, choose the right size and order you jersey directly.

Many of the jerseys on the websites below look fake. But the delivered jerseys look exactly like original jerseys. For an example, scroll down to see a Borussia Dortmund shirt which we ordered as well. Not sure about it? Just send a private message to the reseller and ask them to send pictures.

United Kingdom – Premier League

Germany – Bundesliga

Italy – Serie A

Spain – La Liga

France – Ligue 1

The Netherlands – Eredivisie

No brand logos in advertisements?

A lot of resellers do not show brand and sponsor logos in their advertisement photos. Nevertheless all jerseys we’ve ordered came with brand and sponsor logos. Actually all jerseys are exactly like original but much cheaper.

Replica soccer jerseys from Asia

The replica soccer jerseys are hard to distinguish from original soccer jerseys, everyone will think they are original. But seeing the fact that the jerseys are very cheap, they should be replicas. Most jerseys are made and send from Eastern Asia.

Ajax soccer jersey from China

We ordered an Ajax Amsterdam soccer jersey for €15 from China. The price is included custom name on the back, shipping costs and Ajax shorts. All brand and sponsor logo’s are on the jersey.

ajax jersey aliexpress cheap soccer jersey aliexpress

The pictures above show the delivered Ajax jersey from China. The jersey looks exactly like the original one.

Custom name and number

Would you like to have a custom name and number upon your shirt? Just choose the jersey with the custom name option; add the desired name and number in the note box when ordering your jersey.

Delivery time AliExpress (free shipping method)

Two years ago the delivery could take two months. Nowadays delivery times are much shorter. Several shipments to Holland were received within two weeks with free shipping method. Sometimes it takes 3 to 4 weeks, depending on seller and other circumstances.

When buying a jersey, pay attention to:

There are a few things to pay attention to when buying a soccer jersey on AliExpress. We summed up the most important things:

  • Sellers reviews: how do customers rate the seller? And how many reviews are there?
  • Product reviews: what do people say about the product?
  • Sold items: how many times is the item sold?
  • Size chart: What size do you order? Check the size chart the find the size corresponding to your domestic sizes.

Who sells the replica soccer jerseys?

AliExpress is a large Chinese webshop, it is comparable with Ebay. Chinese entrepreneurs can offer their products to foreigners. AliExpress is especially popular in the USA, Russia, Latin-America and Europe.

The soccer jerseys are being sold by entrepreneurs. These could be anyone in close contact with the manufacturers. In general these people reply very quick (and without to many words) on private messages.



Although this page has been written very carefully, can not guarantee that all information is correct. Just be careful when buying things on the internet.