fifa 23 highest growth talents

Highest Growth FIFA 23 Talents

Find the highest growth FIFA 23 talents in the talents list below. The list contains the wonderkids for your FIFA 23 career mode with the highest growth rating. This means their overall ratings increases the most, so their value does.

What is the growth rating of FIFA 23 talents?

The growth rating shows you how much a talents will grow during the FIFA 23 career mode. This growth rating is the difference between the potential rating and the overall rating at start.

So in fact the growth shows you exactly how much the overall rating will increase. The youngsters that grow the most, are often also the players that gain most value. So be wise, buy them cheap at the start of the career mode.

Let them grow with effective training sessions and sell them for loads of money. Or just use them as your future super stars. Whatever you do, these talents are a must buy in your FIFA career mode.

How to use highest growth talents list?

It’s easy. Just search for the names of the talents in the list belowin your career mode transfer menu. Once you found them, let your scout make a scouting report. That way you will know their current value. After that you can make a bid to buy them.

In the talents list you can also see their value. But keep in mind that this is the value at the start of the career mode. When you use your scout to get the value, then you know the information is up-to-date, but it will take some more time.

Tip: the talents are sold for much more than their value. This is because the game knows these are talents. But don’t worry, if their growth rating is high, then you can earn much more money in a later stadium of your career mode. It will be profitable for your FIFA career mode team.

FIFA 23 Highest growth talents

The list below contains the highest growth FIFA 23 talents for your career mode. The youngsters are not older than 21 years old. This is filtered so you don’t see current superstars like Lionel Messi (this is not seen as a talent anymore).

More wonderkids for your career

We’ve got wonderkids for all positions in your career mode. In the list above you’ll find the ones with the best growth rating. But you might be looking for a striker for example. Then just navigate to the striker list below. Or any other position.

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