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FIFA 23 LM talents with potential rating

These are the best FIFA 23 LM talents with potential rating. The list contains talents under 22 y/o who play left midfielder. Easy to use for your career mode.

New FC 24 LM young players for Career Mode list was released.

List with FIFA 23 LM talents (left midfielders)

The understated list contains the best FIFA 23 talents for left midfield (LM). They are sorted on potential rating. So under 22 years old you can’t find any better left midfielders. That’s why this list is so useful for your career mode.

The column with EUR shows you the value of a player. Have a good look at it, because some players have a much lower value than others. The potential ratings shows you how good a player will become in the career mode.

Overview of this talents list:

  • All players are under 22 y/o
  • Positions: LM (left midfielder)
  • Based and sorted on potential rating

Ones to watch (according to admin)

Sometimes it might be a hard job to find the talents you need. Especially when you do career mode with a smaller club. That’s why our admin gives you some recommendations. Well, cheap recommendations we should say.

Around one million: Seong Jin Kang

We don’t see talents from South Korea too often, but this one is good. Seong Jin Kang is the best young player with a value around one million (exactly €1.3 million). His potential rating is 83, whereas his start rating is 63.

This wonderkid plays as a left midfielder for FC Seoul. So it shouldn’t be a problem to buy him with a smaller club. In case you don’t like negotiations; his release clause is 2.9 million.

Hidden FIFA 23 talent (under one million)

This one FIFA 23 LM talents is really cheap. His value is only €600.000. Ok, first his rating will only be 58, which is very low. Maybe you should rent him out after you buy him, because he has some real good potential. His potential rating is 81.

So most likely you can buy a player for less than one million euro that becomes at least 81. That’s insane for a FIFA 23 LM talent. He listens to the name Ben Chrisene and players for Kilmarnock. Last thing to say; his release clause is 1.7 million.

More talents

We made way more lists for you. All with hidden gems in FIFA 23 career mode. Sometimes it almost feels like cheating, but it’s not. Just enjoy the cheap wonderkids and create the best team ever. Have a look at the different categories below.

Special categories: