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Create a FUT Card, your own FIFA card

Do you want your own FUT card on the wall? Create your own FIFA card now. Or make one for your friend, to give it as a present. Who doesn’t want a personalised FIFA card?

Your own FUT Card or one for your friend

Create an amazing FUT card with yourself on it. Or make one for your friends. You’ll receive a full size real life FUT card. Normally you just see them in the FIFA games, but this is your chance to get one yourself.

your own fifa card examples
Examples of kids who created their own FIFA card at Cardsplug.

Most likely you’ve seen them. The video’s with Fifa Ultimate Team Of The Week players, shortly the TOTW. Those players who are lucky enough to be in TOTW receive their own FUT card.

Now it’s time to get your own FUT card. Upload your photo and create it yourself. Great to give to your friends or just for yourself.

How to create your own FIFA card?

Would you like to make your own FIFA card? Or would you like to make a FIFA card for your friend or son? It’s super easy! You just need a photo.

personal fut card
These kids received their personal FUT card from Cardsplug.

This is how to create your own FIFA card:

  1. You should have a good photo
  2. Pick the type of card you like*
  3. Upload your photo (the background isn’t important, the website will profesionally edit your photo)
  4. Choose your favourite club logo and a national flag
  5. Now you can add ratings**
  6. Select extra’s, for example a wall mount
  7. Finish the payment

*Don’t know which type of card to choose? These cards are always a good choice: Team of The Year, Gold Inform, Football Greatest or Shiny Gold.

**The best rating is 99, the worst is 1. Are you buying a card as a gift for someone else? Than it’s nice to use ratings above 85.

Your FIFA card photo will be professionally edited

A team of professional editors will edit your photo. They will remove the background and edit the lightning.

make your own fifa card
Make your own FIFA card; a team of profesionnals will edit your photo to get the best result.

The result will be the best when you upload a high quality photo. Preferably upload a photo in a football jersey to get the most realistic card.

Which sizes FUT cards are there?

There are several sizes FUT cards to choose. They are all made of lightweight, but strong, foam material.

These are the four sizes used for FUT cards:

  • Small: 19 x 30 cm
  • Medium: 27 x 42 cm
  • Large: 37 x 59 cm
  • Extra large: 53 x 84,1 cm
sizes fut cards
There are several sizes of FUT cards .

Buy a FUT card

These FUT cards are a awesome gifts for everyone who loves football.

You can make your own at A professional company with a team of great photo editors. These editors make sure you’ll receive the best FUT card you can think off.

high quality fut cards
The best gloss coatings are used to create high quality FUT cards.

How to order at Cardsplug

Try it yourself, use the button below.

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