FC24 career mode trailer

First FC 24 Career mode trailer (former FIFA series)

EA Sports launched the first trailer of the FC 24 Career mode (successor of FIFA 23). These are the most important changes in FC 24 career mode.

FIFA 24 will be named FC 24

As you all may know; FIFA 24 will be named FC 24. So the game will not be called FIFA 24 because of an expired license with the football association ‘FIFA’. But no worries, all in-game licenses remain the same (there will be even more).

Will FC 24 have real club and players names?

Yep, all licenses of clubs and players will remain.

All names of football clubs, players and competitions will still be there. Also all logo’s and even competitions like Champions League and Europa league will still be there.

That means there will be loads of talents in the game as well. That is why we made predictions for your career mode. Curious after our FC 24 career mode talents predictions? Check them out.

Trailer of FC 24 Career mode

This is the first trailer about the FC 24 career mode. You’ll able to see how implement your own play style and how important your staff will be in career mode.

It shows you how important your trainer staff will be. This will influence the development of your FC talents (what we used to call FIFA talents). Also there’s a bigger focus on playing style of a trainer. Will you park the buss? Or will you go for an attacking playing style?

First FC 24 career mode trailer

FC 24 Release date (with talents release date)

FC24 will be released on 29 September 2023. But if you pre-order the game, you will have early access to the game. Which means you can play it one week before 29th of September.

Once FIFA 24, or actually FC 24 will be released, we will publish the FC 24 talents on our platform. Make sure to check out the latest news on our FC 24 Talents homepage.