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FIFA 21 Concept: kit creator

We created a new FIFA 21 Concept: the kit creator. We would love to see this in FIFA 21 career mode and FIFA Ultimate Team. What do you think of it?

FIFA 21 Kit creator (concept)

How cool would it be if you can create your own kits in FIFA 21? Play with your FIFA Ultimate Team in your self-made jerseys. Or win the Champions League final in FIFA career mode in your own kit.

Have a look at our FIFA 21 Concept for a kit creator:

You can create your own jersey with this concept for FIFA 21.

The FIFA 21 concept video was created by It concerns a self-made concept, so it probably won’t be in FIFA 21.

Pick your favourite brand, sponsor and design

In the concept you’ll be able to pick your favourite brand, sponsor design and much more.

fifa 21 sponsor
Choose your own FIFA 21 shirt sponsor: better deal? More pressure!

Career mode: better sponsor deal? Higher the pressure

How cool would it be if you can choose between Adidas or Nike on your shirt. Get the best offers and decide which sports brand will be on your FIFA shirt.

Switch between sponsors like Google, Amazon, Tesla or BALR. Each sponsor can have it’s own benefits in FIFA career mode. The more money they pay the higher the pressure.

Create your own design: choose a colour, pattern, shirt model and way more. We all want our favourite club in a good looking shirt, don’t we? Maybe it can boost the shirt sales in career mode as well!

kit creator fifa 21
Pick your favourite brand and create your own kit

FIFA Ultimate Team: rare items to design

In FIFA Ultimate Team the demand for a kit creator is high. We were thinking of special items to make your jersey look better.

Rare sponsors, unique patterns and exclusive brand might take the kit creator to a higher level in FUT. You would be able to impress your opponent directly with this awesome custom shirt.

Use the pattern designer to create your favourite jersey.

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Note that the information on this page is all about a self-made concept. Nothing tells us this will ever be implemented in FIFA 21. We are not affiliated with EA Sports nor the official FIFA games.